Activity 1

A peculiar pet


Dans, E. (2007). Delfín – l [photo]. Retrieved on 2016, November 14 from

A dolphin named Flippy

Many people pick cats, dogs or hamsters as pets, but in my opinion I prefer dolphins. Of course I got very scared the first time it swam to our ship, he made a deafening sound, but then wiggled its fin and I fell in love with him. My mother said I could keep it as long as he didn`t wet the house. I gave him the name of “Flippy” and we had a lot of fun together, but after a while, the neighbors started to get a little nervous when they knew I had a dolphin pet!

We invited them to our garden where “Flippy” was swimming. He danced, clapped and jumped, and my neighbors smiled at him. Later they fed him with some fish and asked us permission to swim with him. We organized a big party where everybody could spend time with Flippy, all of us laughed, swam, took selfies and spent all day long. We had a great time with my pet.

However, after some months we agreed on leaving him free and tied a red scarf around his neck so that nobody would confuse him with another dolphin. We went back to the sea and let him go, he swam and went away. We are going to miss him a lot, no one has seen him since then. If you are by the sea and see a dolphin with a red scarf, tell me to go and say hello to him, because I miss him.

Palomino, Y. (2016). A dolphin named Flippy.

Drag the numbers from the right column to the appropriate space in the right column to order the events, the number 1 is for the event that happened first and the number 19 is for the one thata happenend at the end of the text. You have two attempts to answer every item. You can know your score at the end of the exercise.