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Qualifying adjectives

Presentation / Objective

In this topic, you are practicing the “qualifying adjectives”. These words are used to describe how people are.

It is recommendable that you follow the order given to clearly understand the use of the structure. Not only you are practicing grammar but you are also developing your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

At the end of the following tasks, you are taking a test just to verify how well you are using the adjectives. Remember! The more you practice, the more you learn.

People from different countries wearing a Taylor suit.

Hillyne. (2015). Personas. (Photograpy). Retrived on 20/04/2017 from


At the end of this topic you will:
• Use “qualifying adjectives” through the observation of images of people to describe physical appareance and personality of such individuals.

Qualifying Adjectives

Today’s topic is very interesting and important because we will be able to describe a person’s physical appareance and/ or personality with the help of “qualifying adjectives”. Look at the following grammar information in order to understant the topic. It's important that you make your own notes in order to internalize the information provided.

Concept 1:Use of qualifying adjectives

We use “Qualifying adjectives” after verb to be when we describe people’s physical appareance and personality.

Subject + Verb to be (is/am/are) + qualifying adjevtive

• He is ugly.
• She is beautiful.
• We are angry.
• They are thirsty.
• I am handsome.
• You are slim.

Adjective + Noun

• Short boy.
• Intelligent woman.
• Thirsty children.
• Handsome man.
• Slim lady.
• Ugly animal.

Vocabulary. Physical appareance and personality

According to the previous grammar explanation review the topic’s vocabulary through the following gallery of images review the vocabulary in to gallery of images

What do you look like? (Physical appareance) What are you like? (Personality) You are going to see and relate the images and the qualifying adjectives. Click on the words to listen the pronunciation of every qualifying adjective.


Activity 1

People´s appareance and personality

You are an excellent student! Now we need to practice your listening skill, you will listen to a recording and view the image and choose the correct answers according to the description you hear in order to describe people correctly.

Decide if the following statements are true or false by choosing the appropriate option. You can know your score at the end of the exercise.


Activity 2

My summer in Arizona

You are going to read a letter from a guy to his family where he describes the family he is staying with in Arizona for the summer. Try to pay close attention to the words he uses to describe the people he mentions. Does an exchange program sound interesting to you?

Let’s test your skills!

First, scan the text, write down all the words you don’t understand and look them up in an English-English dictionary, here are some options:

a. Cambridge Dictionary.
b. Longman Dictionary.
c. Macmillan Dictionary.


Now answer the questions based on what you just read. Make sure to read carefully.



Activity 3

Your family

Where do you live? Who do you live with? What does your father look like? What is your mother like? What are your siblings like and look like?

Using all the information in the previous activities now it is your turn to write a text to describe your family. Describe your family and mention where you live.

Write a 40 to 50 words text to describe your family to a pen pal in another city. Make sure to mention physical aspects and to describe the city you are staying in. Make sure to include as many adjectives as you can.

Remember to use the rubric created in order to turn in a good-quality task.

After typing your activity on a word processor, save it to your computer.



Activity 4

Describe your family

Each family is made of people with different physical appearance and attitude, for that reason we would like to know about yours.

Remember to base all your work on the rubric to turn in a well-done exercise.

Look at the following description of this family. Based on this example, record yourself describing your family.

Family made of mother, father, three children which two of them are male and one female.

White77. (2013). Family. (Photography). Retrieved on 20/04/2017 from



Describing people

You listened, read, and wrote about descriptions of a family and now it is time to talk about and describe your family.

You will speak about and describe your family using all the adjectives that we saw in this lesson.

What kind of people do you like? Personality and physical appareance speaking. People are being described in the following sentences; unscramble the sentences:


Basic references

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