Describing people

Base on your knowledge of the use of the adjectives in English. Solve the following exercise.


These are my grandparents. They are very sweet but a)
. Grandma Jane is 1.72 m. tall. She is pretty b)
for a lady. She weighs about 70 kg - she is a bit c)
. She has got d)
hair. She has got a e)
nose but f)
ears. She has also got a big g)
. Her face is h)
Grandpa John is a very different. He is i)
and about 1.50 m. tall. So he is very j)
. His face is k)
and he is l)
. He has also got a m)
. They both wear n)
1. Small
2. Round
3. Tall
4. Glasses
5. Curly
6. Old
7. Square
8. Smile
9. Moustache
10. Small
11. Fat
12. Slim
13. Bald
14. Big